Cool Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you are a dog lover, then you totally get the dog-human love connection. You’re forever planning your day around your dog’s schedule and constantly buying new toys and accessories for your pup. Because, you know that you can always do better than another chew toy for your four-legged friend.

However, if you don’t fall into the category of dog lover (what???) it can be hard to know what to buy a dog loving friend as a gift. So whether their canine is a brand-new pup or a frosty-faced senior, I’ve curated some pawsitively perfect gifts for every dog lover, dog owner and a few that the dogs will love too!

From personalized dog gifts to practical gifts, you’ll find something that is perfect for any occasions… birthdays, holidays, dog mom and dog dad days, or simply just because.


  • The Dog’s Best Friend Game– Someone has been missing from family game night—but not anymore! Now, your pup gets to be the life of the party with a game that is designed for play and a bit of training. Ready, set, sit, stay, play with The Dog’s Best Friend Game.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: 4 Paws

  • Matching PJs– Whether you’re a single dog paw-rent or part of a bigger pack, the entire family….including your furry four-legged family members, can get cozy with matching Pajamagrams.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: 4 Paws


  • Custom Dog Cookie Cutter– Turn the face of your dog into awesome cookies! Baker’s Street specializes in crafting custom dog portrait cookie cutters. Yep, upload a favorite photo of your dog and soon you’ll be serving cookies with their sweet face.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: TBD…we’ve ordered one and can’t wait to try it out

  • K9 Outback Crafts Barkuterie Boards– Handcrafted charcuterie…or barkuterie boards are made in Wisconsin. Each board is designed with a resin river and have the option to be personalized with laser engravement.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: They haven’t seen these, but I have and they are definitely 4 Paws worthy


  • Dog Portrait Phone Case– Protect your phone while carrying the loving face of your dog everywhere you go…because I know you don’t leave the house without your phone. Hand-illustrated phone cases feature a one-of-a kind digital illustration.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: 4 Paws


  • DIY Dog Paw Ornament– With only a few ingredients you can make your own Paw Print Ornaments. The perfect addition to your Christmas tree that you’ll enjoy for years to come.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: 3 Paws…Abby wasn’t a huge fan as she’s a little more paw sensitive

  • Custom Dog Etchings– Transform a favorite snapshot or photo into a one of a kind print with Grey Boy Pet Portraits. Each custom portrait has a vintage vibe, thanks to the art of the printmaking process.
    Abby & Maggie Rating: 4 Paws

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Cool Gifts for Dog Lovers

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