Artist Spotlight: Dog Art Etchings by Greyboy Pet Prints

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I wish that every dog could have a photography session. However, I know from personal experience that this isn’t always an option. We had to say goodbye to our Ginger, days before her session was scheduled (this was before I decided to become a dog photographer). While we have literally hundreds of snapshots of her, most aren’t what I would call wall-worthy. They are the candid snapshot, that I love of her but not wanting to hang on our walls. Which is why I was so excited when I found Mandi from Greyboy Pet Prints, who turns snapshots into a fine art etching. 

Using her grandmother’s print press, Mandi transforms snapshots that usually aren’t wall-worthy to create into a one of a kind print of your favorite photo. Each custom portrait has a vintage vibe, thanks to the art of the printmaking process.

A unique gift for the dog lover in your life. Yep, that includes you as well… go ahead order one, you can thank me later.


PHOTO. Email a photo or snapshot to Mandi. Your photograph can be from our photography session or a snapshot that you want to make wall-worthy

METAL PLATE. Your photo is then etched to a metal plate

WASHING. The top emulsions of the metal plate is washed away to reveal the grooves of the etching.

INK. Custom-mixed ink is applied to the etched plate

PRINTING PRESS. Dampened Italian cotton paper is paired with the inked


Use this link to reach out to Mandi. She’ll discuss with you options for creating the perfect piece of artwork. Make sure to let her know that Unleashed with Love sent you!

If you would like to use an image from a past Unleashed with Love Session or want to book a session for the purpose of creating an etching, contact me here.





Artist Spotlight: Dog Art Etchings by Greyboy Pet Prints

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