Dog Friendly Breweries: Where Paws are Accepted Indoors

My husband and I love going to breweries. Even better is when we can bring our dogs along. During the summer months, there are beer gardens and tons of dog-friendly outdoor patios. Yet, when those winter months hit, us we still find our way to bring Abby and Maggie along as there are several dog-friendly breweries that allow paws indoors.

So with some research, which definitely included some trips to some of our favorite local breweries, Abby and Maggie helped me compile a list of some of the most dog-friendly breweries around the the greater Milwaukee area.

As of this posting, these breweries allow dogs indoors. I recommend checking their website or calling ahead to confirm your plans before you go. No matter where you go, please make sure your dog is friendly towards other dogs and overall well behaved… makes for an enjoyable time for all.





Dog Friendly Breweries: Where Paws are Accepted Indoors

  1. Michele R says:

    Didn’t know so many paw friendly breweries existed. This is awesome. Thank you!

    • Jennifer says:

      Abby and Maggie love this kind of research, so if you are in need of more dog-loving indoor adventures let me know as I’m sure that they are ready to help!

  2. Tricia Sanchez says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing! My husband and I seek out as many as we can too, thought I’d share a couple on our list you might have missed:

    Torzala Brewing
    Sahale Ale Works
    Big Head Brewing
    Amorphic Beer
    R’Noggin Brewing

    Some are on the outer skirt, but still worth sharing!! Thanks!!

    • Jennifer Gauger says:

      Thanks Tricia for sharing! My husband and I love trying out new breweries (especially those that we can bring our dogs to) and you just added 2 to our list that we’re going to have to check out!

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