Celebrating A Dog’s Birthday After They Have Passed

I know first-hand that the loss of one’s dog isn’t easy. I think that there is sometimes a misconception that holding onto a loved one may keep one stuck. The truth is that continuing our relationship with them and celebrating our love for them despite their physical absence is a good thing.

So, tomorrow, we’ll celebrate Sophie, because it’s her birthday. While she is no longer with us, April 21st will always belong to her. It will always be the day we celebrate and honor her. And that girl liked a good party!

Sophie crossed the rainbow bridge at the end of August last year, So this will be the first April 21st that she won’t be physically with us to celebrate her birthday. Which typically included a birthday cake, a new toy, adventures to a dog-friendly brewery, and more often than not some pretzel while at the brewery. Yes, my husband and I spoil our dogs and especially on their birthdays. So, please don’t judge our little indulgence. And in all fairness, we only gave her a pretzel all to herself one time…it was for a photoshoot and she didn’t actually eat it all. But that’s another story for another day. 

I’m sure that both Abby and Maggie would be up for a Sophie style birthday celebration. However, I’m not sure that I’m ready to celebrate those traditions on April 21st (just yet). So instead, I’m planning to remember Sophie…

Starting with my morning coffee in her custom paw-print mug. Snuggling with Abby and Maggie on Sophie’s favorite chair. If the weather lends itself to enjoying sometime in the backyard. When we moved about a year and half ago, Sophie got a big backyard and there were some days that we just couldn’t get that girl to come inside. The afternoon is sure to lend itself to looking through the thousands of photos of her. Sorry in advance to those who follow me on social media, yes I will probably be sharing some of my favorite photos of her. 

A tradition I started after Sidney and Ginger crossed the rainbow bridge was making a donation to a dog-related non-profit on their birthdays. I will be starting that tradition this year in honor of Sophie as well. 

Just maybe, I’ll be up for a family adventure to one of Sophie’s favorite dog-friendly breweries. So if you do see us out on April 21st, stop by and raise a glass for Sophie as she loved people and was always more interested in the pets she got from strangers when we were out. 

Dog surrounded by bubbles





Celebrating A Dog’s Birthday After They Have Passed

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