Living in Milwaukee doesn’t mean you and your dog have to hibernate indoors all season. Explore some of our favorite wintery dog-friendly activities!

Snowy Paws: Embracing Winter Adventures in Milwaukee

Prepare to discover scrumptious dog approved birthday cakes that will make your four-legged friend’s tail wag with excitement!

Bark-tastic Dog Birthday Cakes

Dog eating dog treats from a cake stand

Every month I try out a new homemade dog treat recipe for my pups. Most of the recipes are easy to make, require 5 ingredients or less and always get 4 paws of approval!

Homemade Dog Treats with 5 Ingredients or Less

Girl looking at her dog.

Every February 3rd is Doggy Date Night! So mark your calendars and check out these 7 ideas that are sure to get your furry bundle of love’s tail wagging!

How to Celebrate Doggy Date Night