How to Celebrate Doggy Date Night

Maybe you already spend every night curled up on the couch with your dog… don’t worry you’re in good company! Every once in a while, my husband and I like to give our dogs a night that’s all about them. And this February 3rd is the perfect excess for some extra special TLC for our girls as it’s Doggy Date Night. 

So what are we planning for doggy date night? No, we won’t be recreating the iconic sharing of a plate of spaghetti scene. Rather, we’re sticking with some of our dogs favorites… including their favorite homemade dog treats!

Need some inspiration? I’ve rounded up seven Doggy Date Night ideas, including a few of Abby and Maggie’s favorites!

Food is one of the ways to Abby and Maggie’s heart! So this year, I’ll be baking up one of their favorite homemade dog treats! If you haven’t made homemade treats yet for your dog, Abby and Maggie said that I could share this recipe with you. Only three ingredients (that you probably have on hand) and they are freezer friendly, so save a few for later…your dog will thank you!

Make family game night all about your dog by choosing games that your dog can part-take in. Not sure where to start? Grab some dog enrichment games, such as Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado, Carrot Top Nosework Toy, and Snuffle Matts. How about a game of hide and sneak or hide their favorite treat around the house.

Take an extra long walk and let your furry BBF set the pace and stop to sniff anything they want to. Choose a different path then you usually take or try out a new park- the more new smells to explore, the better! If your dog loves to go on a Sniffari, make sure to check out Connecting with Dogs and their Sensory Sniffari events. 

Sometimes a date night calls for an epic movie night. Pop some popcorn. Grab your dog’s favorite chew toys to keep them entertained through the movie. And while you’re at it, get some matching PJ’s for you and your dog. Since it’s date night, may I recommend a rom-com or perhaps one of Abby’s favorites: The Secret Life of Pets, Lady and the Tramp, or Best in Show. 

Arrange a double date at a local dog park with a couple of your dog’s best buds. Make it extra special by bringing some of those homemade treats for your dog to share with their friends. 

Take your dog shopping! A car ride to your local dog store is sure to be a favorite for your dog. Make it magical by allowing your dog to pick out a new toy or treat…no limits! Before your head home, why not stop at a dog-friendly brewery….


Enjoy a drink with your dog at a local brewery! This is one of Abby and Maggie’s favorite activities. Check out our recent post with 12 dog-friendly breweries that allow dogs indoors, which is perfect for February in Wisconsin!





How to Celebrate Doggy Date Night

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