Springtime Means Dogs in Flower Crowns!

As I write this, spring is around the corner. It has me daydreaming of all the early spring blooms that are soon to pop up! It also has me thinking about dogs in flower crowns. As a dog lover and someone who adores flower-crowns, I find dogs wearing flower crowns to be ridiculously cute! 

I personally love capturing my dogs wearing flower crowns in the spring. However, I believe that flower crowns are great for celebrations anytime of the year! Instead of a birthday hat, how about a birthday flower crown. Including your dog in your wedding, add a flower crown. Freshly groomed and ready for a photoshoot, add a flower crown.

While I love fresh flowers, I often choose to make mine with fake flowers so that I am able to use the flower crowns again. The one time I did use fresh flowers, my Sophie thought it would be fun to try to eat the flowers. She never tried to eat the fake flowers, so I’ve stuck with fake flowers ever since.

Following is an easy guide to making your own flower crowns- works with both fresh and fake flowers. And if you’re inspired by dogs in flower crowns, but aren’t sure that you’re ready to tackle a DIY flower crown, check out my upcoming Spring Mini Sessions which are all about dogs wearing flower crowns! 


Supplies you’ll need:

  • Flowers-various shapes and colors
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tap
  • Wire Clippers
  • Flat-nosed Pliers

Measure the wire to fit your dog’s head until you think you have the right size. Note where that would be on the wire- but don’t cut just yet. Extend the wire about 2 inches longer on each side, then cut the wire. Make a loop with the extra length at each end by wrapping the wire around itself. This is where you’ll use the ribbon to tie the loops together. 

Wrap the entire wire loop with floral tape. Make sure not to leave any sharp edges that could hurt your dog. 

A little flower prep goes along why when you’re ready to assemble, so I like to start by making 12-15 little boutonnieres. I combine flower combos together, wrap the stems with floral tape and I’m ready to assemble. 

Starting at one end of your wire loop begin attaching the little boutonnieres to the wire loop with floral tape. As you stack the boutonnieres make sure that they overlap the previous ones. When you’ve covered all of the wire with flowers, add your final touch by lacing the ribbon through the two loops at the ends of your crown and secure it with a bow. 





Springtime Means Dogs in Flower Crowns!

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